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Music Video shot at Rio Vista Farms & CoCo Farms

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Strain Profile


Hybrid / 25% THC / 27% Total

Death Star Cherry Pie is an Indica Dominant Strain grown indoor at Rio Vista Farms in Rio Vista, CA.


It is a cross between Death Star & Cherry Pie strains which creates a fruity powerful strain. 


Abundant in sweet & peppery terpenes this specially crafted cannabis is colorful & potent.



Provides a peppery aroma. Good for pain relief and inflammation.


Provides citrus notes. Helps with depression and anxiety.


Provides a spicy & earthy aroma. Has antifungal & sedative properties.

A Note From The

"Rio Vista Farms presents "DCP" Death Star Cherry Pie, a unique strain consisting of Death Star x Cherry Pie.


This Indica dominant hybrid is a breathe of fresh air, she packs dense buds that have a touch of purple these buds really catch the eye. From a growers perspective DCP is quite the pleasure, this cut isnt high maintence and with its late flower colors and aroma it really is an experience in itself to watch this plant mature.


Known for its potency DCP really packs a punch, from the time you exhale you can expect to feel an enjoyable body high while experiencing mental clarity, its a smooth long-lasting high that wont leave you dissappointed."

Jack at Rio Vista Farms


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